Our Newest Family Member

Meet Oscar!

“Santa” brought us a brand new aquarium! So we went to the aquatic store and talked to the poor salesman at length about getting a Betta. We finally settled on Cinderella-blue Oscar.

The salesman, smart dude, told us to give it two weeks to see how the fish did. A week in, poor Oscar was lethargic, slow-moving, and unresponsive. A quick internet search revealed that he desired much warmer water temperatures. So, one frantic Amazon shopping purchase later, we had a heater that we stuffed into the tiny 1.5-gallon tank. And suddenly, Oscar is invigorated! He swims around, fins fanned out fully, and he loves to dart back and forth.

But we decided Oscar needed a buddy, so we brought home a dwarf frog. I was so excited about this frog, quickly dubbed Slimey. Unfortunately, Slimey is nocturnal and incredibly dull. Half the time, we can’t even locate him in the tank. But Olive and Ingrid delight in searching for him every day. And they get even more excited about the blood worms (yes, they’re as gross as they sound) that we feed the aquatic creatures a couple times per week.

Frankly, I’m shocked that we haven’t killed the duo yet.



7 responses to “Our Newest Family Member

  1. Welcome to the clan, Oscar! We got a few fish back in May, and so far, their biggest fan is our new cat who loves to watch them swim around. I’m disappointed about the frog for you though–I’ve thought it would be fun to get one! At least you have your very own “Where’s Waldo” type game though.

  2. The girls will love it! Alex has one in his room – it’s essentially a very fancy night light.

  3. Your duo sounds like it’s much better than our duo! We got 2 goldfish as wedding favors this past summer! (yes, it was the strangest thing ever and almost everyone else dumped their fish in the pond next to the reception) Pinnochio and T-bone were doing fine up until I noticed that Pinnochio’s tail seemed to be getting smaller and smaller and after doing a google search, found out that he has fin rot! We treated it w/ meds but it’s still disappearing and the poor thing can barely swim. I’m losing sleep over this stupid goldfish and I wish there was an easy way to euthanize the poor thing! Advice?

  4. ganderatxander

    Fingers are crossed that your new family members stick around for awhile!

  5. Well, the good news is that you could probably replace Oscar and the girls would never be the wiser. 😉

  6. What a lovely fish!! That color blue is gorgeous!
    I remember my little brother having gold fish when we were kids…and they frequently went to “fish heaven”…my mom would send me to the mall to get a replacement. I spent much time looking for a close match…to try to trick my 3-year-old bro. 🙂

  7. Love the betta! We also have an aquatic frog–actually a African Clawed frog. Super fun to have. It was from those silly mail order tadpole kits you get at science stores for kids. We bought them for nieces/nephews one Christmas and thought, geez, this sounds cool and bought one for ourselves. The nieces/nephews tadpoles all croaked (pun!) right away, but 12 years later, our Thor is still going strong. They are super visible and chirp like a cricket. However, they’d totally eat your betta….Sorry for the tangent. Just thought it might be fun for your girls down the road should you expand your aquatic quotient.

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